How to hang a wall mural

How to hang a wall mural

Measuring Up
1. Check the box for the overall dimension of your mural.

2. Measure the overall height and width of the wall where the mural will go.

3. Determine the best location for the position of your mural. If the mural is bigger than the wall space then determine now where you will trim off the excess. Do not trim yet.

4. Each Roll of the mural is numbered from left to right.


Hanging the Mural
5. Using a spirit level or plumb bob, mark a plumb line where you want the left hand edge of the mural to start.

6. Mix paste to manufacturer's instructions (not included) and apply over the area the of the wall from which the mural will hang. Use a roller or brush to apply.

7. Starting with panel 1 align the left edge with the plumb line and smooth down into place

8. If you need to trim the image down, do so with a sharp knife and straight edge. Repeat this process for each panel, being careful to match up the design.

Information courtesy of Graham & Brown